Election Day Musings


Election Day Musings


Dear Friends,

I awoke early this election day to once more send Reiki to the outcome of our country's elections. I send, not for particular candidates, but rather to the outcome being for the highest good of the country, the people in our country and the entire world. Voting is certainly easier here in Oregon with our mail in ballots arriving early. It is much more difficult for those in New Jersey and New York and the other hard hit areas on the Eastern seaboard and their votes are no less important.

On this day, Nov. 6th, Election Day.......all is Fall, Mercury is Retrograde and the time has changed. In Oregon the rains have come and the dark comes early. The leaves are about half down. Our long, sunny summer collapsed into Fall quickly this year.

For me it's another level of clean up in the yard and gardens. A pot of stew bubbles on the stove and the last of the green tomatoes are turning red awaiting roasting with garlic and spices. Good books are stacked next to my chair to be read by a cosy fire. It is a time of nestling in, of being cosy.

Today though I'll blow and mow lots of leaves and mulch the remainder of my vegetable gardens, layering compost piles to work their magic over the winter to create rich soil by spring to grow more flowers and veggies. It is time to tuck in the gardens for their time of rest.

It seems to me that time is galloping by these days. Months go by as quickly as weeks used to. The energies for many seem intensified. As earth challenges increase so do personal challenges. Macrocosm and microcosm both reflect the intensified energies around us.

I think it's increasingly important for us to take care of ourselves, to take time for the things that nurture us, whatever they may be. To make time for the people that matter to us. To spend time in 'being' and not just 'doing'.

Our economy is still adversely challenged which affects us all; some feel it more than others as always. It is a time to work together, to support and help one another and to share when we have plenty. It is the season for Thanksgiving. The very word says gratitude and giving. I think of that this season. I have much to be grateful for and much that I can share and give. I know you do as well. It feels good to focus on the gifts in life instead of dwelling on the challenges.

You, my family and my friends are the greatest gifts in my life. I hope that I can be a gift in yours.


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