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Friday, 21 February 2014 19:40


The longer I take this magical food, and the more deeply I study it, the more excited I become.

Laminine is a natural freeze dried whole food that acts within the body to establish homeostasis or balance.  In the course of this, many conditions that have been caused as a result of imbalances in the body are transformed and the body heals itself.  A natural adaptogen, it works on whatever condition in the body is most in need, most ready to be healed.  Healing comes about on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, making Laminine a truly Quantum product. 

This fits in with my work of 30+ years with quantum energy healing.  It is like internal Reiki, going where it’s needed and doing what needs to be done to bring the body into balance so that body becomes the natural, self-healing mechanism it is designed to be.  My business is Quantum Shift.  I work with energy in many ways to support the healing of people and other animals on all levels.  Laminine is the first truly quantum product that has come to my attention and it excites me greatly. 

Being a totally natural substance, Laminine is safe for all people over the age of two and safe for all animals as well…..equally safe for aging kitties and race horses and sled dogs in their prime.  Anyone who can eat an egg, a bit of fish or a few peas can safely take Laminine. 

This product detoxifies the body and acts as a natural diagnostic during the detoxification and healing of the body.  Our body replaces our cells constantly, just the way they were.  In other words, damaged cells regenerate as more damaged cells.  Laminine changes that.  By activating our inactive. undifferentiated stem cells our DNA can change and our damaged cells be replaced by perfect cells according to our original perfect blueprint. 


Life Pharm Global:

What Life Pharm Global, the company producing Laminine refers to as ‘fibroblast growth factors’ are messenger molecules made up of the 22 amino acids that make up the product.  The messenger or signal molecules have the ability to assist in the healing process by communicating with the undifferentiated stem cells in the body to regenerate and restore the body and implement it’s original design.  Thus Laminine acts as an architect within the body.  When this regeneration is stimulated, areas injured, sometimes many years ago, can now begin to heal.  The signal molecules are freeze dried with no heat so Laminine is an alive food with no contra indications other than a severe allergy to egg white. 


Balances the hormones

Laminine itself is not a hormone, but in acts to bring the hormones within our bodies into balance.  Cortisol, the flight or fight hormone, causes a great deal of damage in the body.  Continued stress and age result in destruction of the collagen in the body, the connective tissue or “glue” that holds our body together.  Production of cortisol by stress severely affects our coronary system and is the reason stress causes heart disease.  Cortisol causes a 55% loss in mass of connective tissue and muscles between the ages of 55 and 75.  It also manifests in the body as adrenal insufficiency, belly fat and carbohydrate cravings.   



Lowering of cortisol levels equals greater health and longer life.  This is the main reason to take Laminine if you have no health problems.  We all grow older and we all have stress in our lives so all of our bodies continually create enough cortisol to ‘age’.  Who has the most cortisol? those closest to death. 



Besides down regulating the cortisol level Laminine, as an adaptogen, adjusts the levels of both serotonin and dopamine.  Serotonin influences mood, balances bone mass, reduces pain, creates melatonin for better, deeper sleep and can help introverts to become more outgoing.  This affect upon the serotonin is why Laminine is known as the “Happy” pill. 



Dopamine is one of the group of hormones produced in the nerves -- neurotrasmitters.  It is the pleasure chemical responsible for ‘runners high’ and the pleasures of eating and sex.  Too little dopamine leaves us more prone to addiction and even to Parkinson’s.  Laminine supports a gradual expression and reduction of dopamine.  In other words as an adaptogen it helps keep our neurotransmitters and other hormones in a healthy balance.   

Balancing the hormones in the body affects the entire endocrine system which keeps the body running smoothly.  Women find periodic cramping lessening as well as some of the annoying symptoms of menopause. 


A Wellness model

Laminine is about wellness not healing the symptoms of disease.  It is made of whole foods, egg whites from the 9th day of free range fertilized eggs, pure fish and garden peas.  It will not interfere with any prescription drugs you may be taking.  It simply:

  • Reprograms cells to handle stress
  • Regenerates the body for greater health
  • Repairs aged and damaged tissue
  • Retraces stored toxins and traumas



Studies have shown it is most effective to begin taking Laminine with a loading dose of 4 capsules/ day taken on an empty stomach.  2 capsules in the morning before breakfast and 2 capsules either late afternoon at least 1/2 an hour before dinner or at bedtime.  After the first 2 weeks at a loading dose many reduce their intake to 2/day.  Beyond that everyone is encouraged to find their own ideal dosage.  After a month or so of 2/day I again increased my dosage to 4/day and occasionally when my body feels like my immune system needs a boost I take 6/day for a time. 


Tired sometimes?

Do you wonder why when taking Laminine you feel energized for a time and then tired?  This is a natural response when your body is busy doing deep healing.  Pay attention to how you feel.    If you are tired you need to rest and honor what is happening in your body.  Higher doses may bring about symptoms of detoxing.  This is a natural part of the healing process and means the body is releasing toxins at a greater rate.  There may be slight headache, a bit of nausea or itching.  These are nothing to worry about and you can simply lower your dosage of Laminine to slow down the detoxification if you choose. 



Retracing of old patterns, injuries, illnesses and even emotions may occur, especially at higher doses.  Again, you can slow down the retracing symptoms by lessening the dosage temporarily.  Or you may just welcome it as deeper healing and support your body while it goes through that healing. 

Many with serious illness and or great pain take significantly higher doses for longer periods of time with very positive results.  Each person finds the right dosage and speed of healing that fits for him or herself.


My experience

I am currently in my second year of taking Laminine.  My Diabetes is almost completely reversed,  My periods of angina pain have greatly lessened and are not nearly as intense when they occur.  I sleep deeply and restfully and have much more energy and endurance over all plus better focus and much less pain.  I’m delighted to no longer have a “barometer body”, one that aches all over whenever the barometric pressure changes. 


Topical Application

Six months ago I began adding Laminine to my face cream after hearing about it’s topical healing benefits.  The past few months I’ve had people who haven’t seen me in several years mention that I look younger.  That can’t hurt!  I’m in my 74th year and wouldn’t mind looking younger.  And, truthfully, that would just reflect healing in the collagen of the skin and that would mean more healing of the collagen within my body. 


Animal Use

My older kitty plays again and my younger fraidy cat now sits on my lap and purrs for the first time in the 5 years I’ve had her.  All 3 of my cats are on Laminine and thriving.  A friend applies a Laminine paste to his cat’s battle wounds for rapid healing.  Many are successfully using Laminine to support their animals from sled dogs to race horses and of course our beloved pets. 

Laminine does not heal disease per se, but it does bring about shifts and balance within to body that allow that body to heal itself and what a wonder that is!  I’m devoting several hours a day to studying Laminine.  The potential for healing is astounding.   


How and when might you notice the effects?

Some people notice shifts and changes within the first month of taking Laminine, others may take 3 to 6 months or even more to have changes that they notice.  Each of us is individual and responds individually.  Why take Laminine if you feel well?  I’m pretty sure you are still aging.  It’s hard to get away from that.  Aging and stress mean increased cortisol production.  That increase in cortisol brings us closer to dis-ease and death.  Laminine will support the health of your body even if you don’t notice a thing.  And sometimes we don’t even notice the more subtle, gradual changes in ourselves but our friends and family notice them in us! 

Or, we may unknowingly be expecting a specific shift or change that we want and manage not to notice another gift as the Laminine works within us.  Be open to any and all shifts and changes.  Experiment to find your ideal dose.  I believe that everyone benefits from Laminine and encourage you to try it for at least 6 months and to experiment to find your ideal dosage. 


The Company

The LifePharm Global company is solid and I’ve been impressed with the level of caring reflected in how they do business.  This is an Asian company of 13 years that does all its manufacturing in the US because of the higher standards possible here.  Laminine has been produced for 18 months by LifePharm though the main ingredient has been in production in Norway with Dr. Esklund for a number of years. 


Risk Free

There is no risk to you whatsoever.  The LifePharm Global company will refund your money after the first 30 days if you decide not to stay with the product.  You would only be out the shipping costs.  I’d be happy to help with that.  Signing up as an IBO (independent business owner) with Life Pharm is simple to do and equally simple to undo if that is your desire. 


Pay It Forward

This relational company is very generous with it’s IBO’s  (Independent business owners).  If you are excited about the product like I am and “pay it forward” by sharing about Laminine with even 2 friends or family who sign up under you and receive even 1 box of Laminine / month on the simple autoship program, then you begin to built money in your e-wallet.  You can take this as a cash payment or apply it to your own product so that you can be taking Laminine for free!

 I keep some extra product here in the office for those who want to try a bottle or two, but often that isn’t enough to really notice the changes.  Why not just sign up as an IBO to try a month’s worth at wholesale prices?  You literally have nothing to lose.

If you are interested in learning more about Laminine please do call or write to me.  I’d be so happy to ‘Pay It Forward’ and introduce you to Laminine or simply answer your questions if I can.  For those of you already signed up who want help in sharing about this with others, I’m happy to support you in doing just that.  I’ll help you talk with your friends, answer their questions and help them sign up under you.  This is how a relational business works.


Blessings of health and healing………….Sheila King     3-7-13



 To Sign Up for Laminine: 


Go to:


  • On the top of the page on the Right just under my information click on “join”
  • Select the country (United States)
  • Check the 2 boxes beneath
  • Click on “choose package”
  •           The larger packages give you from 1-4 free boxes of Laminine
  •           The smallest package gives you just enough for your first month of product and costs $107.95 * this is a $30 savings over the retail cost.
  • Then click on “check out”


Next is Recurring start date for autoship.  It is automatically set for 30 days from your first purchase date. If you have ordered a larger package, you may only want the autoship set for (1) box initially. Note:  this can be changed at any time in your back office Website (https: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


When others (2 or more) sign up under you, you will receive $4 for each box they order up to the number of boxes in your own autoship order.


After you have filled in the number of boxes for your autoship you come to the enrollment page. Fill it out completely and then go to the next page which is for Payment.


After you have filled that in you will have a review page. That page will give you your LifePharm Independent Business Owner (IBO) so that others may sign up under you. Make a copy of this for your records!


Important to note:

1. You can quit anytime by simply quitting your autoship.

2. I suggest you try it for at least 3 months initially.

3. Begin with at least 2 weeks of taking 4/day

4. Take 2, first thing in the morning ½ hr. before eating

5. Take 2: ½ an hour before dinner or bed.

6. You should wait 2 hrs after eating to insure an empty small intestine as the Laminine is most effective then

7. You can always change your autoship order and order extra product from your back office.

8. You may also sign someone up from that website if they are uncomfortable signing themselves up.


I personally like to keep extra product on hand which is easily done after you have a few people in your downline and your e-wallet has enough funds in it to cover your Laminine purchases FREE.


**    Please do call me if you have any questions.

Sheila King (503-670-8150)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LifePharm IBO:  # 20433108


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